Membership of TACTE consists of professionals in leadership roles in post-secondary workforce education in Texas. This includes, but is not limited to, program chairs, division chairs, directors, deans, vice presidents and presidents.

There are four classifications of membership:

Voting Membership

Voting Membership in this Association shall be limited to persons who are currently employed in postsecondary workforce education in Texas. Voting Members shall be eligible to hold office and shall have the privilege of voting and the right to the floor during Association business meetings. Voting members will be established through individual memberships or as a part of an institutional membership.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership may be held by persons interested in post-secondary workforce education, but not qualified under Section 2, above, for Voting Membership. These Associate Memberships will be non-voting, non-office holding. Anyone currently qualified for Voting Membership as identified in Section 2 cannot qualify for membership as an Associate Member.

Retirement Membership

Retiree Membership may be held by any former Voting Member of the Association who is retired from full-time employment in post-secondary workforce education. Retiree members will be non-voting and non-office holding.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Board of Directors on a retired member nominated by a voting member and recommended by the Membership Committee. Criteria to be considered by the Membership Committee include years of service, longevity of membership, offices held, committees and/or other services to the Association.