Best Practices for Perkins 5P1 / 5P2… Welcome to the Garden

April 20, 2018

Bob Hatton writes an article about gardening which appears in my local newspaper every Sunday.  I do not have a big yard and only a very tiny garden, but I read his tips about how to improve and maintain it. Some of his best practices (like seed collection) I consider, while others do not apply to me at all. My garden is too small; I don’t want to use the chemicals; I don’t have the funds.  Best practices—a way to see what others are doing and choose what will fit your situation.

Bob’s advice will work in Amarillo and the Panhandle, but would it be useful in El Paso? Or for someone is the Hill Country? Maybe. It depends on your resources, focus, time, and energy.

Last year Temple College worked on a Texas Perkins State Leadership grant that collected best practices for Perkins indicators 2P1, 3P1, and 4P1. Anyone interested can access the catalogs of best practices here:

These ideas may plant some seeds for improving Perkins indicators. Like the gardening articles, choose what will work for your institution.  These best practices may help you meet your goals for these indicators or may inspire an innovation that you want to implement. Like the gardening articles, it depends on your resources, focus, time, and energy.

You may ask, “What about 5P1 and 5P2, the nontraditional gender indicators?” These two indicators that encourage the nontraditional gender to pursue training at our community colleges in CTE programs is OFTEN a source of frustration when trying to meet the goals set by the THECB and your institution.

GOOD NEWS! Temple College was awarded another Texas Perkins State Leadership grant which will offer best practices to improve nontraditional gender in CTE.

AND I get to work on the team!

Together we will glean what has worked at our Texas community and technical colleges so you can cultivate an effective strategy for your institution considering resources, focus, time, and energy.

I can’t wait to see what blossoms!

Susie Wheeler


I look forward working with everyone on this project. Together we can continue work on improving 5P1 and 5P2 non-traditional gender indicators.

By Cissy Matthews on 10/11/2017

Looking forward to being a part of this grant and all of the best practices for 5P1 & 5P2 yet to be sowed!

By Michele Freeman on 10/10/2017

I have been associated with Susie and her efforts to increase attainment of the 5P1 and 5P2 Perkins Accountability Measures for about 6-7 years.  I have attended numerous training sessions held by Susie and funded by the Perkins State Leadership Grant.

Implementation of some of the concepts I garnered at this training definitely led to my institution raising their attainment in regard to these two measures.

It is good to see that the THECB is still funding efforts in this regard and a real pleasure to continue working with Susie.  Her efforts in this area are tireless.

By Steve Davis on 10/07/2017

It is good to be back with Temple College leadership and helping to spread the seeds of best practices.

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By Teri Walker on 10/06/2017

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