Understanding Perkins and Helping Others to Understand Perkins

July 19, 2018

By Lesley Keeling-Olson

I always thought I would get to the point of fully understanding Perkins, but I now realize that I don’t want to become static or comfortable with resting on my laurels.   For the last ten years, every year I have had the opportunity to re-examine how I can implement best practices at my institution to improve the grant process, find ways to improve our core indicators, and/or truly focus on and understand aspects of the core indicators.  That being said, during this time of reflection and preparation for this year’s grant, I have come to realize that it is imperative that I continue to grow and increase my level of understanding so that I can help members of my institution increase their understanding of Perkins.  To put it into perspective, how many individuals at your institution think retention is about class retention, degree retention (students staying with the CTE major), or retention from fall to spring?  Yet, all of these different perceptions do not truly address how 3p1 is calculated.

Though a Perkins Leadership Grant, we produced a webinar for 2p1, 3p1, and 4p1.  Each of these webinars starts with an explanation and examination of the data.  As you begin the Perkins grant writing process, I encourage you to watch and/or share these webinars so that you can help increase your understanding of Perkins and help others to understand Perkins.  The webinars will soon be archived on the TACTE website, but if you need access to the recordings, please email Lesley at, and she will send you the links.  Additionally, if you need access to the Promising/Best Practices or Catalog of Ideas, here are links for those documents:


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