Welcome to the TACTE Perkins Updates blog

August 18, 2017

Welcome to the TACTE Perkins Updates blog!

The purpose of this blog is to provide a means for ALL Perkins stakeholders within the state of Texas to communicate.

The plan is to add new blogs at least once every two months.

Looking forward to communicating with fellow Perkins representatives throughout the state of TEXAS!

NOTE: This blog site is funded through a Leadership Project that is made possible through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as part of Carl D. Perkins funding


By kemehussy on 07/27/2017

I want to share some of TJC’s best practices that we have used and/or currently using to help improve and maintain our numbers for Core Indicators 3P1 & 4P1.

Three years ago, we hired a CTE Retention Specialist to handle the CTE at-risk students and to help improve 3P1.  Below are some of the best practices that has been implemented.

Learning Communities
The CTE Learning Community project consists of small groups of students who take thematically linked classed together in order to enhance their engagement with school, increase their understanding of interdisciplinary connects, and strengthen their cognitive skills.  It consists of matching the academic core requirements of Speech, English and Math with the applied skills necessary to be successful in the student’s CTE career goals.  This “contextualized” approach requires core class faculty to integrate “real-world” assignments within the context of the core requirements for those core classes.  Perkins pays a stipend to the faculty who teach the Learning Community classes and it is strictly for the student who may need that particular core subject in their CTE degree plan.

Goals for the CTE Learning Community include:

•      Organizing faculty & students in smaller groups to promote meaningful relationships
•      Integration of core academic requirements into areas of student career interest
•      Focusing faculty & students on learning outcomes
•      Increased student retention & degree or certificate completion

Volunteer Mentor Success Program
The CTE Volunteer Mentor Success Program (VMSP) is focused on building significant and meaningful relationships between faculty, staff and students.  As the CTE programs consider root causes for unacceptable retention rates, letters are sent out to all CTE students who do not return to TJC from one semester to the next and have not completed or graduated from their certificate or degree program.  Averaging a 10% response rate, we learned that the one challenge that most students perceived was that they did not belong or did not feel a part of the TJC family of staff and students.  As a result,  the VMSP was initiated, matching at-risk students with volunteer faculty and staff, regardless of employment position.  All potential Mentors are required to complete a training program, which is available online through a TJC Canvas LMS.  Potential Mentees are identified through a review of each semesters report on who received either a D, an F, or an I or withdrew with a W from their class.  This current academic year is serving as our development and pilot year with a full launch expected for the 17-18 academic year.  Perkins funds were used to create the online training program.  Faculty and staff interest to be volunteers has been overwhelming!

One of the activities that is used to help maintain 4P1 is to purchase certification equipment that will help train the students to become certified after training in a particular skill.  With this, we have discovered that students become familiar and proficient and are more valuable to an employer due to the advanced skill levels and certifications that they hold.

I would love to hear what you & your institutions are doing!

By Michele Freeman-Tyler Junior College on 06/20/2017

This is so exciting! I look forward to sharing and learning from everyone around the state!

By Ronda Dozier on 05/24/2017

I think this is great and I look forward to future posts.  Thank you to Perkin’s Leadership Grant for funding this.

By Cissy Matthews on 05/18/2017

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