While one Perkins is ending another Perkins is beginning.

April 20, 2018

While many individuals who work at Texas Community Colleges are beginning their relaxation time for summer, I too am a Perkins Basic Grant Director yet relaxation is far from my thoughts.  The preparation for next year’s Perkins Basic Grant must begin early for me because many of the CTE faculty or CTE Department Chairs are on contracts that will soon end, and these people will not be available for the summer.  I cannot sit idly by because the Perkins Basic Grant must be submitted before these people return to campus.  Planning is an essential component to managing a Perkins Grant. Are you already planning?

April is always the month that I need to remind everyone that we must begin the process for the next Perkins Grant. I create a template for CTE department chairs or faculty to submit their requests to me.  I make sure they tie their requests to a core indicator and provide a way they will assess their request.  Do you have a Perkins Advisory Committee that decides on what requests should be funded?  I do, and I find this group to be invaluable to me in helping me to manage and plan for Perkins funding for both this year and the years to come. 

Planning is essential but reading the RFA is critical.  I cannot effectively plan and manage Perkins without reading the RFA, and I must read it thoroughly each year.  May is the month I spend reading the RFA at least two times.  There are instances when the RFA is delayed until June, but I must still prepare and begin writing and updating the local plan.

Hopefully, by June THECB has set their deadlines and timelines for submission of the Basic Perkins Grant.  Either way, the deadlines are coming and while one Perkins grant is ending another is beginning. How is your plan coming? My plan is in development because there are always ways I can improve my Perkins processes. 


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By jack pitt on 11/25/2017

I love this!
Great blog! Thanks for setting this up!

By Susie Wheeler on 05/24/2017

I am also a Perkins Basic Grant director. This will be my second year to be responsible for the grant. Without the input from my department chairs, I would have been lost. They provided information that went into the local plan and the PIPE. I do not have a committee to help decide which requests should be funded. That responsibility is mine. A committee would be very helpful.
I attended the Perkins Orientation last summer, and hope to go again this year. It was well worth the time.

By Sheila Trahan on 05/24/2017

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