2P1 or not 2P1: that is the question…

October 22, 2019


by: Catherine O’Brien

Even Career and Technical Educators can play with Shakespeare. And the answer to the question is “absolutely 2P1!”

Achieving Perkins measures 2P1, 3P1, and 4P1 is a determining factor in whether or not your institution will receive additional funds beyond your Perkins Basic Grant…and who couldn’t use a little extra money for their technical programs?

The purpose of 2P1 is to measure the student attainment of an industry-recognized credential, certificate, or degree—that is, completers! The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) takes the data from several CBM reports to track the students enrolled in your programs from census date to completion.

CBM 001 reflects all students enrolled at your institution on the 12th class day for the fall and spring semesters and for the 4th class day for each summer term.  This is why it is so important for faculty to check the class roll and make sure that class rolls are accurate.

CBM 002 reports all of the undergraduate students, technical students included, who are registered for credit courses.  This is money on the table also, in terms of what your institution will receive as contact hour reimbursement as well as being a tracking point for Perkins.

Finally, CBM 009 reports all of students who complete your active THECB-approved technical certificates and degrees.  A separate record is submitted for each award. This is why it is so important to make sure that what you print in the catalog, post on the website, and award the student are in alignment. And this is why all of us need to find a way to award certificates as they are earned and not wait until the final degree is finished and look backwards to see whether they have also completed certificates. Your institution cannot receive the Student Success Points for both a certificate and degree awarded in the same academic year, so failure to award a certificate along the way is a lost opportunity and money for Student Success Points left on the table.  One suggestion is to use Perkins funds to hire a degree auditor who will look for students who have completed enough hours to receive an award, run a degree check, and award the certificate or certificate.

What are your strategies for improving 2P1? How do you make sure students complete their awards in the shortest time possible and how do you make sure your data is accurately reported to Co-Board? Share your strategies with your colleagues.


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