Section 5 - Responsibilities of Officers, Directors and Executive Director

5.1   President

  • Develop Board and Business meeting agendas
  • Preside over Board and Association business meetings
  • Convene and oversee activities of Executive Committee
  • Appoint committees and serve as an ex officio member
  • Serve as official representative of the Association
  • Appoint an audit committee at the end of the Treasurer’s term of office
  • Delete: Serve on TCCIL Conference Committee or appoint designee to represent the Association to serve in addition to the Vice-President
  • Assure that procedures are followed in amending or revising Constitution and Bylaws

5.2. Vice President

  • Preside at the meetings in the absence of the President
  • Perform the duties of the President when that position is vacant
  • Perform duties assigned by the President
  • Oversee TACTE conference planning committee by:
    • Recruit and recommend conference chairs from the Board of Directors
    • Assist conference chair in recruiting assistant chair
    • Participate in planning meetings as needed
    • Review completion of timeline activities
    • Advise conference chairs as needed

5.3. Secretary

  • Record minutes at all TACTE Board meetings and Business meetings
  • Distribute a draft of the minutes electronically to all Board members within one month following the Board meeting.
  • Distribute a final draft of the Board minutes the week prior to the next Board meeting for approval at that meeting.
  • Prepare business minutes for distribution at the general membership business meeting.
  • Serve as custodian of archived TACTE minutes.

5.4. Treasurer

  • Manage all financial matters for the Association including:
    • Prepare and present annual budget to the Board for administrative operations of the Association
    • Maintain checking and savings accounts
    • Issue invoices for all receivables
    • Make payments for approved payables
    • Report to the Board and membership the financial status of the Association
    • Manage the annual Association Budget approved by the Board
    • Submit regular budget reports to the Board
  • Manage membership records
  • Work with the Conference committees to implement Conference registration procedures
  • Supervise Conference online registration
  • Make sure that IRS tax return is completed and submitted by due date to avoid paying penalties. (See item 4.11)
  • Maintain financial records for four years and IRS records permanently.

5.5. Directors (including officers)

  • Attend and actively participate in all meetings of the Board. 
    • Board members are expected to be fully engaged and actively involved in all Board activities. Failure to be actively engaged will be discussed and evaluated by the executive committee and may result in a request for resignation.
  • Attend all conferences and assist the conference planning committee as needed.
  • Serve on assigned committees.
  • Fulfill assigned tasks as agreed. 
    • If a Board member cannot fulfill an assignment, he or she is expected to notify the President immediately

5.7. Director Representative

  • Serve as a member of the Executive Committee
  • Communicate any Board of Directors concerns to the Executive Committee

5.8. Past President

  • Serve on the Executive Committee
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Board
  • Serve on other committees as appointed by the President

5.9  Executive Director

  • Negotiate contracts for conferences and board meetings
  • Coordinate facility arrangements for conferences and board meetings
  • Secure Board liability insurance
  • Maintain organization address of record
  • Maintain Constitution and Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Maintain record of Board members and terms